Our production sites are located at Wünschendorf and Caaschwitz.
The management and the shaft kiln are based at Wünschendorf. At the same place the mixing plant was completed in 2011.  
The raw dolomite is mined at Caaschwitz. A state-of-the-art shaft kiln, a dolomite drier and various crushers and screens are also arranged on the territory of the open-pit mine.  

The two sites of, Wünschendorf and Caaschwitz, have a private railway siding  to carry  dolomitic products between Caaschwitz and Wünschendor. Steel mills are supplied by rail, and also  carbonate fertilizers are increasingly  dispatched by this means of transport so that the amount of  traffic can be reduced  in the territory.

We are located close to the motorway junction Hermsdorfer Kreuz (A4/A9) which is a great advantage for road transport. 

Aerial view of Wünschendorfer Dolomitwerk
Caaschwitz open-pit mine
Wir suchen Azubis